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Could YOU Be Autistic ?

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Am I autistic? Do I have Asperger's? This book will help you figuring it out.
Have you always felt like an alien? Do you regularly feel overwhelmed by your senses, emotions and thoughts? Are you regularly told "Why are you so weird?", "Oh don't be so sensitive"? Maybe you have grown to think there's something wrong with you, with your brains. Well, there is a chance that you just might be neurodiverse!
Whether your voice within is already telling you you are on the spectrum, or you have no clue yet, this book can help you figuring it out. Find some clarity in these stories from autistic adults who walked that path before you.

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The author discovered at 53 that her difference, that she experienced her whole life, had a name: Asperger autism. This revelation has been a joy and a relief, and she started to interact with autistic adults across the world. Being able to relate is described by all as essential to their self-understanding and growth. This book is all about sharing and relating, to help atypical adults figuring out if they might be on the spectrum. Meet the author at
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Customer Reviews

Driver (.

il y a 11 mois

Utterly helpful

This book is very close to my heart for me as a spectrum woman. Cossé spent months gathering stories from fellow autists to share examples of how some of us discovered we were autistic, and I'm deeply honored I was permitted to share my story in her book as well.
If you have a child on the spectrum, are autistic, suspect someone you know or you yourself could be on the spectrum, this book - I believe - will be utterly helpful and truly enlightening for you. It may also benefit psychologists and therapists to understand us from our own personal viewpoint(s).


il y a 1 année

Must read for autistics and allistics alike!

This book was so affirming to read - I was only diagnosed myself last year at the age of 23, and struggled with imposter syndrome and feelings that I was “exaggerating” so to speak. This book, and all their stories within, really helped me to become confident in my diagnosis, and where I stand in the world.

My parents also read it, and said it helped them to understand more how I see the world, and what autism is.

It’s a very quick and easy read, and the chapters can each stand on their own - meaning you can dip in and out of it without worrying about forgetting what happened in the last chapter, which is great! Perfect for those who have busy schedules and the like.

I highly recommend every autistic woman read this, as well as their friends and families!!